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Professional development for the mind, body & soul.

"What an amazing day!

I am looking forward to sharing this with all my classes"  

"The best INSET Ive had in years.  I came away with the tools and confidence to offer my students more choice in their practical exams"

"Loved every minute, exactly what I was hoping for, and more!"

Theatre Masterclass is focussed on providing the very best practical performance workshops to teachers, directors and performers.  We achieve this through working with influential practitioners and theatre companies, to provide an experience that participants can explore and share with students, cast members and audiences long after the event. 

The company is supported by over 25 years of experience in event management, professional theatre and education and a commitment to offering events that encourage personal and professional development.  


Our events recognise the impact that positive, inspirational experiences have on the mind, body and soul and the far-reaching benefits this can bring.

We are proud of the contribution we are making to theatre education and grateful for the generosity of the practitioners we work with in sharing their experience through our events.

Theater Group

Join influential practitioners in the studio to learn practical skills you can adapt to suit  all ages and stages.

Share your experience with your own students to offer more choice and support in exam components.


Women in Dance Performance

Learn some of the methods that leading theatre-makers use to entertain audiences around the world


Adapt and interpret the ideas in your own performance work long after the event


Circus Artists

Spend a day learning with 

the very best and draw inspiration from their experience and creativity.


Learn new skills and techniques that will extend your personal performance repertoire. 


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